Meet the Kankakee County Farm Bureau

The Kankakee County Farm Bureau is a non-profit, voluntary membership organization formed in 1912 as one of the first county Farm Bureaus established in Illinois. The organization is governed by 17 Kankakee County farmers who live, farm, and raise their families locally. Kankakee County Farm Bureau works closely with farmers to keep the family farm profitable and our food supply safe and affordable.

Protecting private property rights is a priority as Kankakee County Farm Bureau monitors land developments to prevent loss of property and to prevent damage and pollution to farmland. With a unified voice, Kankakee County Farm Bureau promotes and supports a sustainable future for agriculture so that our natural resources are preserved for future generations.

Kankakee County Farm Bureau also strengthens the future of agriculture by supporting the community’s youth. Kankakee County Farm Bureau supports local 4-H and FFA chapters throughout Kankakee County which provides educational and leadership opportunities for kids. Educating youth about where food, fiber, and fuel come from is also a priority for the Kankakee County Farm Bureau. Annually, Kankakee County Farm Bureau awards college scholarships to high school seniors and college students. These scholarships support continuing education to prepare these students for a career in agriculture.

For more than 100 years, the Kankakee County Farm Bureau has been an advocate for farmers, landowner rights, and Kankakee County’s agriculture industry.


Meet the Ford-Iroquois County Farm Bureau

Ford-Iroquois Farm Bureau operates as a nonprofit organization for the mutual benefit of its members. The Farm Bureau, led by a group of 24 farmers, provides an array of services and activities to promote agriculture. The organization was established when Ford County Farm Bureau and Iroquois County Farm Bureau consolidated in 1971.

Farm Bureau action priorities are determined through a policy development process designed to raise the thoughts and concerns of members. Priority issues include: preserving private property rights, maintaining farmland, engaging in local economic development projects, protecting the area’s farming heritage for future generations, educating the public about food production, and promoting agriculture careers to high school students.

Iroquois County Farm Bureau was originally formed as the Iroquois County Crop & Soil Improvement Association. Staying true to this heritage, another action priority is environmental stewardship. Farm Bureau works extensively with the Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Soil and Water Conservation Districts to protect our natural resources.

Ford-Iroquois Farm Bureau volunteers continually strive to achieve their organization’s mission statement, to “Promote agriculture through education, leadership, and legislation to enhance the economic future of our communities.”